Will Strawn and Doug Evans can be found most afternoons at the Strawn Brewing Company. Hard-working men at their day jobs, they work equally hard at the self-built and operated brewery located in Fairburn, Georgia. Located in a portion of a former ice factory, Strawn Brewing Company is Fairburn’s first brewery and one of the newest additions to the Greater Atlanta Area’s brewing scene.
Like an earlier iconic Georgia brewery (Marthasville), Strawn
Brewery is made from repurposed food-grade stainless steel equipment. Sourcing equipment from the dairy, soup and toothpaste manufacturing industries, Strawn Brewing has managed to keep its opening costs low, allowing for future expansion.  

Conical Fermenters at the Strawn Brewing Company, Fairburn, GA

Opening on Labor Day weekend 2012, the working men began brewing beer that would be distributed across Georgia. The current offerings include three beers: Wheat Ale, Scottish Ale and Amber Ale. Will Strawn reports that the Amber Ale is 10 to 1 the best selling beer from the brewery. Patagonia Malt gives the Amber brew a slight smoky-caramel flavor that is balanced by the hops. A hint of banana is imparted by the yeast, giving the overall beer a unique and refreshing flavor for an amber ale.

Strawn maintains the average alcohol by volume (ABV) between 4 and 6% to create easy-drinking session beers. Their soon-to-be-released India Pale Ale (IPA) will be a break from this trend with a slightly higher ABV.

Strawn Brewing Company has tours and tastings every Saturday from 1 to 4pm. The brewery is located at 27 Word Street, Fairburn, GA 30213. Click to visit Strawn's  website.
Doug Evans and Will Strawn of Strawn Brewing Company (top left)

Strawn's signature open end wrench taps (top right)



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Love, Love, Love the Strawn amber! You've got to try this brew. Can't wait to go tour the brewery.


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