The Beer: 5 Seasons Scotch Abbey
The Style:  Hybrid Ale (8.7% ABV)
The Brewery: 5 Seasons Brewing Westside, 1000 West Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA

Notes: This draft beer is a dark cola-colored brown with a quickly fading white head that provides some lacing on the tulip glass. The nose is light caramel, dried fruit, and apricot. This ale has a light body with medium carbonation. The taste is a rich caramel smoothness, sweet malt (although light in texture), winter spices, and a hint of nuttiness. There is some alcohol warming on the finish.  

The brewer described the beer as a Scottish style ale brewed with Abbey yeast.

BeerGuruATL score:  3 out of 5 pints


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