The Beer: Unibroue Terrible
The Style:  Belgian Strong Dark Ale (10.5% ABV)
The Brewery: Unibroue Inc., Chambly, Québec, Canada

Notes: La Terrible (pronounced Tuh-reeb) pours a rich raisin-deep garnet color that is nearly black in low light. The frothy head is a light cream to tan in color and lingers giving pronounced lacing on the glass. The nose is light malty caramel, with a mild port-like accent. The taste has a bit of carbonation bite in the beginning, with a complex plum/prune, raisin, dried cranberry, and woodsy flavor. More ripe fruit, a bit of light smoke and sweetness, round off the finish. There is also a bit of “cool/warm” sensation from the alcohol in the aftertaste. 

This is a fantastic, complex and enjoyable beer. Great for an after-dinner treat or paired with dessert (chocolate, red berries, or rich creams). It has sweet flavors but is not at all cloying, redolent of ripe fruit and rich jam. A good beer for Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Port wine drinkers.