Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t going to be a blog about some narcissist talking about how much he knows and that he is the sole source  of knowledge on a subject. Far from it! The crew and I will be will be talking about our own slice of the ever-expanding craft / microbrew world, within Atlanta and many areas OTP (Outside the Perimeter). Yea, there are other websites and other Atlanta Beer Gurus out there, and we love following their sites and tweets as well, because we are all one big beer-loving family.

I am personally excited about the ATL Brew Spy feature, where we will find cool beers, their location and cost – get them while you can! I also want to interview people from all walks of the beer world and get their perspectives on their businesses and the future of this exciting time in the craft beer revolution. I encourage you to follow not only this site but check out the ever expanding links section and who we follow on Twitter, get connected to the beer world! Oh, and Cheers, my friends!